Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Lunar Mandala" Outdoor Illuminated Full Moon and Antique Clock

I created the Lunar Mandala at the request of my wife, Leslie. It is an updated Steampunk adaptation of the antique convex mirrors from the American Colonial era.

Very important- the deeply textured rust finish guarantees that it will appear natural in an outdoor environment. Also, since it is hung between the two (moving) oak trees, it was tricky to mount . At night the full moon softly glows as does the antique clock face that I designed. The clock glows by ultra violet light from within in tones of orange, purple, green and old parchment. 36" tall x 18" deep. Signed and Dated. One of a Kind. There are some additional photos here.


  1. It's stunning. I love the Medusa...I tend to resemble her in the look and mood!

    At night, it looks magical

  2. Thank you so much, Jill,


    (a)Most Honored that you like it and
    (b)I am quite (100%)sure you don't resemble :)

  3. How do we go about purchasing your work?